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Storm Damage Restoration in Chicago, IL

Storm Damage Restoration Experts

The Chicago area sees its fair share of storms and severe weather events. In recent years, heavy rains and flooding caused damage and destruction to homes and businesses alike. Property owners must deal with flash flooding, sustained sub-freezing temperatures, and high winds—all events that can result in costly and permanent water damage. If you’re experiencing water damage to your property from any kind of storm event, get professional storm damage restoration —fast. Call the team at All Flood & Fire at (847) 202-0231.

Water damage from a storm can be devastating. It can cause permanent property damage if not cleaned and remediation right away. And, you could also experience a potential health problem from a mold and mildew infestation if the remnants of the storm and water damage are not properly treated and dried.

 We are a commercial and residential water damage cleanup and restoration company. We have been serving the entire Chicago area since 1996, and are available 24/7 to perform whatever storm-related water damage cleanup you need. We know the disruption to home life and business operations that water damage can cause. Our goal is to mitigate the damage from storm water and restore your property to its pre-water-damage condition as quickly as possible.

All Flood & Fire is licensed, bonded, and insured, and our technicians are IICRC certified, which means they possess the expertise to properly handle any type of water damage you may have sustained. Our well-equipped fleet of trucks contains state-of-the-art professional-grade water extraction and drying equipment, all ready to handle any storm damage situation. And, we work with your insurance company and facilitate the claims process for you by photographing the entire area that sustained damage from storm water, and documenting our water removal and restoration process to make sure you receive maximum benefit for the damage suffered.

If you’ve ever experienced excess water from a storm in your home or business property you know the damage can range from a leaky roof to widespread basement flooding. The professionals at All Flood & Fire are trained to locate water and dampness wherever it may be—including behind walls, in sub-floors, and near pipes—and treat it appropriately to prevent an infestation from mold and mildew.

Storm water is dangerous

Beyond flooding your property and causing damage to the structure and materials, the water itself is contaminated and unsanitary, and poses a health threat to building occupants if the affected area is not thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. As water spreads over streets, yards, and parking areas, it picks up contaminants such as oil and coolants from cars and trucks; fertilizers and pesticides from lawns and gardens; waste from septic systems; animal waste; and more.   

All Flood & Fire puts our proven professional storm-damage restoration and renovation process to work to ensure the damaged area is clean, safe, and comfortable, and restored to its pre-damage condition. We take the following steps.

  • We start by thoroughly assessing the storm damage to your home or business property, and develop a water-extraction and cleanup plan. We locate the source of water entry and take whatever step is necessary to stop any more storm water from entering your property.
  • Our next step is to identify the type of water that has flooded your property. We adhere to IICRC standards when categorizing flood and storm water. These standards look at the water source and the potential levels of contaminants it may contain. Our professional storm-damage cleanup process addresses whatever level of contamination may be present in the water.
  • Next we examine the extent of water damage to properly classify it. We check both the amount of storm water present and the levels of dampness and moisture in the structure and materials. We inspect walls and insulation, carpets and carpet pads, and even ceilings (if storm water damage has come from above). We also inspect surfaces such as hardwood, brick, and concrete, as these require a specialized type of drying.
  • Using truck-mounted industry-grade equipment, we extract the storm water from the premises. Our technicians work to remove the water as quickly as possible while also looking for areas where water and moisture may be hiding—all in an effort to prevent a mold infestation.
  • It’s critical to ensure all water and dampness is eliminated and the storm-damaged area thoroughly dry. Our air movers and specialized moisture-detection equipment take care of that. We also decontaminate, sanitize, and deodorize the entire water-damaged area and all affected materials. We do HEPA vacuuming and HVAC cleaning and to eliminate mold-causing airborne contaminants and spores. We properly dispose of all items that have been contaminated and cannot be salvaged. If requested, we also do carpet cleaning and power washing.
  • If your home or business property sustained structural damage, All Flood & Fire will provide renovation services if requested. Our goal is to restore your home or business property to its safe, clean pre-storm-damage condition.

The water damage caused to your residential or commercial property from a storm event can be extensive. Whether the damage is some minor moisture or a major accumulation of water in your basement, you need the services of a professional water damage and restoration company. All Flood & Fire provides residential and commercial storm and water damage restoration services in the entire greater Chicago area. If you have property damage get professional storm damage restoration —fast. Call the team at All Flood & Fire at (847) 202-0231.

Rest assured knowing that All Flood & Fire’s industry-trained technicians are prepared to rapidly and properly restore your home or business to its safe, dry condition from whatever storm damage your property sustained. With our expert customer service, and years of experience and satisfied customers, we do what it takes to clean up the water damage and get you back into your home or commercial property as quickly as possible.

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