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Sump Pump Replacement in Chicago, IL

Most restoration companies work with property owners to clean up plumbing failures- water damage, frozen pipe repairs and sump pump malfunctions. All Flood and Fire can help you with sump pump replacement.

At All Flood & Fire, we can address the issues surrounding your sump pump replacement, in addition to any clean up you may need. Equipped with a team of certified technicians, who understand sump pumps, our crews can fix and repair the all types of sump pumps, regardless the severity of the issue.

Committed to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, our company has become one of the most highly recognized restoration companies in the Chicagoland area.

Sump pump failures can cause the greatest amount of damage within the smallest amount of time. If you believe it is time to have your sump pump checked on your property, give All Flood & Fire a call NOW at (847) 202-0231.

How many years does a sump pump last?

The most inexpensive option for keeping your sump pump in shape is proper maintenance. Following these tips below is the first step to preventing costly sump pump failures.

Ensure the sump pump is clean

It is very easy for debris, dirt and grime to build up within the sump pump. That is why we recommend that every few months you take time to clean your sump pump. In order to do this, make sure to disconnect from the power source a remove the excess water within the tank. As you are cleaning the tank, make sure all of the proper seals and mechanics are in place. If you notice anything wrong, make a note and contact a professional like All Flood & Fire.

Test the Sump Pump on a frequent basis

Once a quarter or twice a year, make sure to test your sump pump. This will highlight any pertinent issues that you can take care of right away.

The best way to test the pump is to first turn it on and let the pump go through a cycle. A pump operating at its best capacity will begin removing water out of the sump pump tank. In the event water is not present within the tank, then simply add some water and repeat the testing process. 

Hire a professional for a yearly tune-up

Last but certainly not least, hiring a restoration professional who specializes in sump pump replacement for a yearly tune-up is key.

Think of it this way- you would never go a year without an oil change on your car, or allow your HVAC systems to run without periodically having it serviced by a technician.

The same is true with your sump pump.

If you are like most homeowners, chances are you may not even know where your sump pump is. If this is true for you, then hiring a professional may be key to preventing serious issues down the road.

Common Sump Pump Problems

Now that we’ve discussed proper ways to maintain your sump pump, what are a few common issues that may occur?


Scheduling routine cleanings will help identify debris buildup, but when this occurs, it can cause clogs and other issues that can damage the sump pump overtime.

Drying out

When the pump activates in the absence of water, it can cause burn-out and damage to the pump itself. Keep an eye out on the reservoir to make sure it does not go dry.

Issues with the Switch

During your yearly checkup, the contractor will test the switch to ensure it is working properly. However, take time between tune ups to check the switch on your own. Malfunctions in the switch can cause issues in the proper function of the pump which can quickly lead to issues.


Time to address the sump pump on your property? Call All Flood & Fire

Have you ever taken the time to have your sump pump evaluated? A simple analysis could help prevent thousands of dollars of costly repairs from water damage. You see, the sump pump within our homes can break down and deteriorate over time.

Overtime this can lead to minor cracks which result in major damage.

All Flood & Fire is a full service Chicago fire and water restoration company who can not only clean up the damage of failed sump pumps, but has the expertise to help PREVENT sump pump failure in the first place.

Prevention is the most inexpensive action you can take. Do not wait until an emergency to address your failing sump pump.

If you are interested in speaking with a trained professional about a sump pump replacement, give All Flood & Fire a call at (847) 202-0231.

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